WHEELUV™ Tyre change cover


WHEELUV™ Tyre change cover

This low cost, re-usable accessory ensures perfect tyre changes every time.

Fitted over the wheel during the tyre change process, the Wheeluv™ Tyre Change cover reduces friction between the protector and the tyre making sure that your Wheeluv™ protectors stay firmly attached to your wheels.

See how it works.


Size information:

Large: 20 to 22 inch wheels

Medium: 17 to 19 inch wheels

Small: 14 to 16 inch wheels

Includes instructions and FREE postage to UK mainland


Powerful alloy protection.
No compromise on looks.

I have a tendency to park far too close to the pavement and shred my alloys, this hasn’t happened once since having the protectors on – the shredding that is, my parking hasn’t improved. I have also had an episode with a curb at over 30mph, and there was no evidence on the alloy. MAGIC!.
Richard, London
My WHEELUV were fitted at the local garage near my house when I had my tyres changed. It didn’t take long. They look good! Pretty hard to see unless you’re up close to the wheel. No impacts with the kerb yet. But they’ve been on for about 10,000 miles now and still look like new – after a good wash!
Chris, Bristol
I had to take avoiding action at a roundabout on my first journey after fitting WHEELUV and I kissed the kerb – I was so pleased to see that there was no damage to the wheel whatsoever! Since then I’ve covered a few thousand miles with plenty of motorway driving, and they’re still going strong.
Brendon, York

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    Choose Pro fit at a local garage and we will send you an email with the professional fitters available near you.


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