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The Ultimate Wheel Protector Showdown:
Wheeluv vs Alloygators vs Rimblades

When it comes to protecting your alloy wheels, you want a solution that not only offers high levels of protection but also ensures ease of installation and long-lasting reliability. In the competitive market of wheel protectors, two major players stand out: Alloygator and Rimblades. However, there’s a new contender that promises to outshine them all – Wheeluv. 

In this article, we will delve into a detailed comparison of these three products, shedding light on the strengths and weaknesses of Alloygators and Rimblades while highlighting why Wheeluv™ is the superior choice.


Alloygator: A mixed bag of complications and problems.

Alloygator has gained a large market share in the wheel protector market, with endorsements from reputable sources like Auto Express. However, a closer look at the product reveals some significant drawbacks that cannot be ignored.
While Alloygators can offer good levels level of protection, the fitting process proves to be a major hurdle. These protectors must be hammered in place between the tyre and wheel and there are a number of metal clips that must be installed between the protector and the tyre meaning that professional fitting is absolutely essential. 

The complex installation process involves deflating the tyre and breaking the bead to remove it from the rim, taking around 45-60 minutes for a professional fitter to complete the job. A headache for sure and using a hammer on your alloys really isn’t recommended.

Alloygators are also not suitable for use with diamond cut wheels due to moisture retention and the protector’s metal clips which can damage the wheels’ lacquer and accelerate corrosion. Users have also reported slow punctures caused by the protector sitting between the wheel and tyre, affecting the overall ride quality. 

Another huge concern is that Alligators are made of Nylon which can fade when exposed to acidic wheel cleaners. In a recent test by Pro Detailer Magazine it was also found that AlloyGators can be easily knocked out of place by slight oblique contact with the kerb, potentially leading to extensive wheel damage. We have also seen reports of paintwork damage when Alloygators become detached as their serrated edges tear through wheel arch paint and lacquer.

Rimblades: Poor Protection with a record of disappointment.

Rimblades. Thin, soft, not very stron
Rimblades; thin, soft & not very strong.

Rimblades may seem like an affordable option, but their track record raises serious concerns. While they may offer easy installation, low prices, the cons heavily outweigh the pros. 

Many users have reported a high number of failures, with protectors falling off wheels after just a few days of use. This leaves behind a messy layer of adhesive residue, which can take up to an hour per wheel to remove. The adhesive used in Rimblades relies on a primer that increases bond strength but ultimately causes this messy aftermath.

Additionally, Rimblades provide no meaningful protection due to their lack of structural rigidity and thin design. They are simply unable to withstand the demands of everyday driving. Moreover, the company’s poor fitting instructions and lack of customer support processes. Again in recent testing, Rimblades were found seriously lacking.


Introducing Wheeluv: Unparalleled Protection and Reliability.

Offering superior features and unmatched benefits, Wheeluv outshines both Alloygators and Rimblades in every aspect.

 Here’s why:

  • High Levels of Protection: Wheeluv provides substantial protection with its robust design and 4mm thickness, whic effectively gaurds your wheels against kerb damage and other potential hazards. Proven best in test by Pro Detailer Magazine.
  • Easy Installation: Unlike Alloygators and Rimblades, Wheeluv ensures quick and mess-free fitting. The adhesive fixing method requires cleaning the wheel and sticking the protector without the complexities of hammering or priming.
  • Reliability: Wheeluv guarantees a reliable solution that won’t fall off. Once properly installed, Wheeluv remains securely in place, offering peace of mind and long-lasting protection.
  • Colour Safe and Fade-Resistant: Wheeluv is proven to maintain its colour integrity when exposed to various wheel cleaners, or UV radiation ensuring your wheels always look their best.
  • Suitability: Wheeluv is suitable for flat or slightly curved surfaces, with a minimum requirement of 5mm. Wheeluv are also suitable for Diamond Cut Wheels.
  • Outstanding Customer Service: Wheeluv excels in providing excellent customer service, with easy-to-follow fitting instructions, diagrams, and even a video fitting guide. Their responsive support team is always ready to assist you with any queries or concerns.

Conclusion: Choose Wheeluv for Unmatched Wheel Protection. When it comes to protecting your alloy wheels, no other alloy wheel protector comes close.

While Alloygators and Rimblades may have gained some recognition in the market, their shortcomings in terms of fitting complexities, unreliable performance, and potential damage to your alloy wheels outweigh any advantages they offer. 

On the other hand, Wheeluv stands tall as the ultimate wheel protector, offering superior protection, easy installation, and unmatched reliability.
Don’t settle for less when it comes to your wheels. Choose Wheeluv for peace of mind, long-lasting protection, and a flawless driving experience.

Order your set of Wheeluv wheel protectors today and experience the difference yourself.

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